Four big reasons
01Professional R & D team
Focusing on R&D for 16 years, it is very professional. 

We only carry out in-depth research in a very narrow field-temperature sensor and have a relatively leading position in the temperature sensor technology of the power industry.

02We have a manufacturing team.
Customized production is conducted to meet customers’ needs.

We have a stable and efficient technical team, more than 20 types of work and more than 70 processing equipments with a capacity to manufacture precision sensors.

03We provide professional solutions.
Solve your problems with professional technology. 

We have implemented more than 6,000 transformation schemes for over 2,000 customers at home and abroad, providing better solutions according to different working conditions.

04Pre-sales, sales and after-sales 
Perfect after-sales service system  

If the product has quality problems, we respond them in time and feed back immediately!

We provide users with all kinds of technical support, packaging site guidance, problem tracking and other consultation services. We consider and solve problems for users.


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About Us
Shenzhen Testeck Science And Technology Co., Ltd.
Established in 2003 and located in Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park, Shenzhen Testeck Science And Technology Co., Ltd. (“Testeck”) is a high-tech enterprise engaging in R&D, production and sales of automation products in the power industry. It mainly conducts in-depth research and development in the fields of temperature monitoring system, through-wall sealing, special cable, etc...MORE>